Thursday, 25 November 2010

Whats with all the fuss??

Well known stylist Gok Wan recently visitied my home town of Liverpool just a couple of weeks ago filming for his TV show "Gok's Fashion Fix." For his programme producers got in touch with my college asking for any students ages 18+ would they like to take part helping Gok. Not being 18+ I was unable to go. For me personally this wasn't a great loss, even though it would have been great work experience, i wasnt all that botherd. I admire Gok for how far he has came in his career but however I am not that much of a "Gok fan" as most of the time, what he styles isnt to my own taste. I think that Goks strongest point in styling women of a more older age. I think that if i seen Gok style somebody more a less my age, maybe my opion would change.